Open position at Bonami

Copywriter / Product Copy Specialist with ROMANIAN language (based in Prague)

Work schedule
Thámova 289/13, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czechia

Bonami is an eshop which inspires with enthusiasm, sells with a story and delivers with love. :-) We sell beautiful and original products to make our customers' lives even prettier. Bonami was founded in 2013 in the Czech Republic and later we expanded to Poland, Slovakia and Romania. We are looking for a new colleague for the position of Product Copy Specialist for whose written Romanian language is at native-speaking level.



Product description often plays a major role in the customer decision-making. That’s the reason why we try to make product descriptions as interesting as possible and provide our clients with useful information about products. The person in the position of Product Copy Specialist must be able to handle hundreds of product descriptions daily. It may sound scary, however, the reality is half of these products is already listed in the system and the work is about checking if they are correct.

The rest of the product descriptions need to be either invented or translated from Czech and turned into a short and catchy description. Whether you translate it or come up with an entirely new description, that is up to you. However, it needs to be adapted to fit the stylistic and cultural contexts within Romania and Romanian language.

Our admin system is also very friendly and working fast, so you should encounter no problems in your daily processing of the products and it should cause no harm to your mental health. :-) There is really nothing to worry about, you just need to be a bit smart.

It is important to say that the work in this position is not always creative, it is also pragmaticand practical. Many technical and administrative activities will be an integral part of your job description, such as filling in all the parameters like material or size, or setting everything right to run the campaigns online.


  • Freedom- in Bonami, we base everything on trust and personal and collective responsibility. We are like a train - when one carriage stops (perhaps yours), it will be reflected on the other carriages as well. You do not have to worry that someone will stand behind your back checking on you constantly, but you must accept the responsibility that will be handed to you. You will not find us tracking your 9 to 5 working hours. If your work allows it, you can adapt your working hours.
  • Home Office- upon agreement with your team leader, it is not a problem to work from home every now and then.
  • Employee discount on Bonami products is something you can definitely look forward to.
  • Standard benefits such as Meal vouchers, Multisport card, Contribution to study foreign language, Discounted phone tarifs, etc. Teambuilding events are enjoyed quite often, such as regular events and parties, common team breakfasts, etc.
  • Brand new offices in Karlin, with more than 120 of us working here. In our global copy team, there are 11 people - you'll be number 12.
  • Our friendly atmospherespreads like a disease, you can be sure you will certainly catch it.
  • We have free delicious doubleshot coffee, tea and fruit squash as well as baskets full of fruit.
  • We are dog-friendly.


  • You have positive attitude and commitment to work. We are looking for people who put their heart into their work.
  • You are responsible and independent but teamwork is not a strange word to you.
  • Youlike to work with wordsand you don't mind doing it all day. You enjoy translations and giving sentences not only perfect sense but also something extra to please the customer reading it.
  • You need to have perfect knowledge of Romanian language, ideally a native speaker born in Romania.
  • It would be of huge advantage if you had knowledge of Czech language at least on B1 level but not a condition.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets - we can teach you.

And since you need to know Romanian, we think it’s best if further instructions followed in Romanian language:

Dorești să ni te alături? Trimite-ne CV-ul și precizează-ne, de ce crezi că tu ești cel mai potrivit pentru această poziție. În cazul în care ne vor plăcea CV-ul și răspunsul tău, îți vom trimite câteva exerciții pentru a ne convinge și noi, că ești cel mai potrivit, iar tu vei avea ocazia de a realiza ce fel de activități implică viitoarea poziție. În cazul în care ne vor plăcea rezultatele tale, te vom invita să ne cunoaștem personal. Apoi, mai rămâne doar un pas până la a te avea printre noi. Vei avea mereu feedback-ul nostru, chiar și în situația în care nu vei trece mai departe. Suntem corecți, doar avem rugămintea să ai răbdare.


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