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Floxgen Solution Product & Sales Manager

Work schedule
U Nikolajky 3, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov, Česko

Are you full of energy, creativity and passion for AI and bioinformatics? Do you have experience in business and product management? Then this offer is for you! Join our dynamic team as a Floxgen Product/Sales Manager.

Floxgen's strategy is to simplify the aggregation of genomic data and provide easy access to it through a powerful API and user-friendly interface using technologies such as Apache Hail, VEP and ElasticSearch to ensure fast and efficient data exploration.

Floxgen is a product designed for automated genomic data aggregation, visualization, search, sorting and filtering.

For us, artificial intelligence is not just another modern service, but the foundation of everything we do.

          David Kadleček


David Kadleček

          Pavel Wimmer


Pavel Wimmer

Role Expectations

Hard skills

  • Knowledge of bioinformatics
    • Knowledge of next-generation sequencing technologies
    • Knowledge of the process of bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data
      • Primary, secondary, tertiary analysis
  • Experience working in a research facility/institute/laboratory
  • Contacts in research institutes, hospitals, laboratories
  • Knowledge of tools/software used in bioinformatics
    • Awareness of what "big platforms" are used, why, where
  • Experience with paid products in bioinformatics/genetic data analysis
    • What DBs/paid tools are used in research or clinic
  • Fluency in English and Czech

Soft skills

  • Strong communication skills
    • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a variety of stakeholders, including the team, customers, suppliers and management
    • Good presentation and expression skills are essential for successful product introduction and sales activities
  • Strong negotiation skills
    • Ability to lead negotiations with various customers, business partners and suppliers
    • Ability to negotiate, strike deals and reach mutually beneficial terms is key to success in selling product..
  • Analytical and strategic thinking
    • Ability to analyze the market and competition, identify opportunities, interpret market requirements to the development team - specify software enhancements
    • Ability to collect and interpret data

Next steps

Write to us, we will call you shortly and agree on a specific position. Ideally, send us your experience and a short description of what made you interested in the position.

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