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Junior Company Lawyer

Work schedule
Masarykova 410/28, 602 00 Brno-střed-Brno-město, Czechia

Our company provides technology and related services in the area of financial markets. The scope is international while our clients are broker companies or other financial institutions. Thus, our technology reaches clients of these companies in more than 100 countries of the world.

Purple Technology
Purple Technology

The Legal Department, you will be part of, drafts and reviews different agreements, Terms & Conditions or internal procedures and prepares any changes thereto. Its main area of focus is on Czech and Slovak business law, international business law and corporate administration. We provide assistance to our clients with regard to acquisitions, to acquire licenses or with Compliance & AML / CFT consulting and tutoring.


Are you familiar with the Czech law? Great! But it’s still only a drop in the ocean of what you are going to learn here! Within a year after your arrival, you'll become aware of financial law in the area of market regulations and trading, international corporations, taxes or intellectual property with the possibility to find your specialisation within these categories. Thus, you'll be able to substitute our specialists in financial law or international corporate law for the purpose of taking holidays or sick days. If you feel that it could be too much, don’t worry! We will teach you all of this! Moreover, you’ll contribute to the team organization, administration and internal marketing.

Purple Technology
Purple Technology

No tedious labour is to be expected. You will be working on projects from scratch to their end. By working with us, you’ll become familiar with the regulation of financial services, compliance issues and other market and technical issues with global reach. And all this in a way that allows you to manage your time in the most efficient way. No strict times are set!


  • Knows the basics of International private law (Czech: MPS), international business law (Czech: PMO), lawon business corporations – Czech Act on Business Corporates (Czech: ZOK), law related to anti-money laundering and counteringfinancingof terrorism (Czech: ZAML) and finance law
  • Business and legal English at advancedlevel (B2)
  • Skilled in writing in the formal register
  • Can work extra hard when needed
  • Speaks and writes concisely, clearly and coherently
  • Skilled in multitasking
  • Knows how to organize his/her time and priorities
  • Provides constructive criticism and alternative solutions
  • Listens to the needs of others and extracts problems from the discourse


  • Adequate financial evaluation
  • Electro-budget - pays for all the electronics you need for your work, all of them of your own choice
  • Cafeteria budget - you can order smoothies, MultiSport card or plenty of other benefits
  • Education budget - designed for your self-improvement
  • An opportunity to work (practically) from anywhere after joining the team (i.e. remote office from Cyprus, home office, etc.)
  • Enjoying trips at the sea with the team, benefits of fresh fruits, having the opportunity to have meetings at the sauna, get in shape in our gym - there is a number of benefits you may take advantage of!
  • 5 holiday weeks + sick days
  • Flexibility in terms of working hours, ideally we would like to see each other at least 2-3 days per week, but there’s still a way to find consensus on a different schedule.
  • We are interested in results, not time spent in the office

Purple Technology
Purple Technology

Part of our legal team on a hike in the Mala Fatra mountain range.


We are a young team with a desire to show the whole world that a Czech company from Brno has its place in an international business. We are innovating the financial world, trying to change the status quo and inspiring our competition. People are what matters the most to us and the groundwork of our entrepreneurship, which grows profitably. We can work as a team and have a lot of fun during the day, but we also solve problems, work hard and respect each other. We are open with each other and strict working hours are not our style - everyone knows what their job is and how much time they need to devote it. We prefer project management style to a hierarchical one. Last but not least, we also have lovely offices in the city center, our own gym, sauna, and much more...

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