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PHP Developer

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289/13, Thámova, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Česko

9 years, 9 countries. Bonami is one of the largest furniture and home deco e-shops in Central and Eastern Europe. This year is going to be about big challenges, we have many plans that we want to implement to take our e-shop and our stores to another level. And behind our success is a team of great people.   

We are looking for another experienced PHP developer to join our team.

Do you enjoy programming that brings real value? Do you value clean code, code-review is a standard for you and like us you hate technology debt

We still see a future in PHP. We're gradually rewriting major parts of Bonami systems and carving out features from the main monolith into separate services. We've done the core work around product management. That would be the main focus of your job for the near future as well. 

In the roadmap we are planning things around finances, a custom POS system or implementing a new receiving system in the warehouse. If you're tempted to try PHP 8 and GRPC with Roadrunner, you're in the right place.  

What kind of technology stack do we have?

  • PHP 7.4 a 8.0, GPRC + Roadrunner

  • Symfony, Nette, Doctrine, DiBi
  • PHPUnit, Selenium
  • MySQL 5.7 (Percona), Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Prometheus, Grafana, Loki
  • GitLab CI/CD, Docker, Nomad, Vault, Consul, Roadrunner

What do we implement?

  • WEB - online e-shop

  • ERP - website administration, content and complete back office
  • WMS - custom warehouse system and logistics

          Pavel Vopařil


          Jsem CEO Bonami
Pavel Vopařil
Jsem CEO Bonami

What specifically will you be working on?

  • We are currently working on a complete cart override and order administration.

  • Other projects will include a custom POS system or warehouse receiving.

We are looking for you if...

  • you like to code and you care about your code,

  • you like technology,
  • you want to work in an informal environment,
  • you like to work on longer-term projects,
  • you enjoy making things that make sense and moving things forward,
  • you like agile development.

What you might be interested in:

  • You can start now, but we're happy to wait for you.

  • The work here is full-time, but part-time is not a problem either.
  • We have flexible hours, working from anywhere is a given.
  • We let you choose the device you like to work at.
  • We go to team building events, host hackathons, and look for any opportunity to have fun, like Christmas parties, BBQs, team breakfasts and beers, go-karting, etc.
  • We sit in the Palác Karlín, we have nice offices, fresh fruit, Doubleshot coffee.
  • We offer a significant discount on our products, and lots of other little things.

Interested? Great! What else?

  • Send us your resume or LinkedIn link, and we'll get back to you to talk about setting mutual expectations.

  • Then we'd be happy to meet you in person/video chat and give you all the details you need to decide if we're right for you. 

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