Open position at IKEA Purchasing & Logistics Area Central Europe

Production Engineer

Work schedule
Řevnická 170, 155 00 Praha-Zličín, Czechia

IKEA Purchasing Services s r.o. is a purchasing organization which ensures both purchasing of material from suppliers located in Europe and distribution into retail stores IKEA worldwide, or distribution of components directly to suppliers. You see things a little differently. So do we. We believe that what you value is more important than what your CV says. We offer positions that will challenge your skills and let you grow. Come see things a little differently with us.

About you

  • You have minimum 3 years experience from Quality/Production environment
  • You have very good knowledge of the product requirements, standards and test methods
  • You have understanding of product functions, design, customer needs and expectations, customer friendliness and very good knowledge about critical to quality processes
  • You have a good knowledge of materials' properties and construction
  • You know production processes and technologies
  • You have experience with creating product documentation
  • You can easily work with data
  • If you have knowledge of audit and assessment techniques, and analysis of suppliers’ working methods and performance, we will appreciate it
  • If you are familiar with Quality tools (Six Sigma, Lean, etc.), we will appreciate it
  • You speak excellent English
  • You are analytical and positive type of a person, who does not have any problem with solving difficult situations
  • You always have new ideas to improve things
  • You know how to build and maintain business relations
  • You have excellent communication skills , you can be emphatic and communicate clearly
  • You can easily adapt to changes
  • You can take responsibility
  • You respect values and stand by your opinions
  • Travelling is fun for you and you do not mind spending a lot of time travelling to suppliers (up to 80%)

IKEA Purchasing & Logistics Area Central Europe
IKEA Purchasing & Logistics Area Central Europe

About the job

  • You will be responsible for quality Assurance including to secure process control for key processes in the production
  • You will perform product audits and production risk assessments at suppliers
  • You will be responsible for Suppliers’ development according to IKEA Supplier Operating Standard
  • You will take part in audits/assessments at the suppliers
  • You will lead the running range portfolio at the suppliers (and sub-suppliers) to secure full compliance to IKEA requirements at all times
  • You will be responsible for improvement projects related to production processes and share best practices / knowledge by gathering and conveying product and production experiences to create pre-conditions for the suppliers to take full responsibility for their performance
  • You will lead product deviation process with sense of urgency towards the causing part and capture learning from previous product deviations
  • You will secure root-cause analysis, stock correction and implementation of corrective and preventive actions for received Quality Alarms and claims
  • You will lead industrialization of minor news development and contribute with competence to other news developments
  • You will secure implementation of new and updated requirements
  • You will secure final inspection and regular follow up and feedback to the suppliers regarding quality performance and work proactively to improve Customer Experienced Product Quality
  • You will evaluate potential new supplier’s production facilities and quality systems

IKEA Purchasing & Logistics Area Central Europe
IKEA Purchasing & Logistics Area Central Europe

Why will you enjoy working with us?

  • You will work in a company that is successful and favourite among people
  • You will meet the same optimists like you are on daily basis
  • Your job will have a good feeling about your job because it makes sense
  • You will have 5 weeks of deserved holiday
  • You will work in a cozy working environment in Zličín offices

How is it to work in IKEA?

  • Attitude towards our colleagues is very simple – honest and frank employees always get a chance to grow both in their personal and career life in a way so all of us can contribute to better every day life for us and for our customers
  • We do not intend to only fill in the positions here – we want to accept unique personalities who will share our values
  • We listen to our colleagues, we understand their needs and we support their ambitions and skills
  • We offer a possibility to work in a fast growing company and in an environment where people and togetherness are the main values

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