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Python Developer

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Rohanské nábř. 29, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Česko

Hello! We are ShipMonk, a Czech-American technology company that runs our business in the USA, specifically in Miami (FL), where we have our central warehouse and corporate headquarters. While Florida drives our business activities, Prague is the hub of our modern platform development and the place where you would work.

What we do:

We are in the business of providing logistics services in order fulfillment. We handle more than 60,000 orders per day for thousands of mostly US e-shops. The platform we are developing offers customers the ability to handle all order logistics - from stocking goods to shipping prepared packages to all corners of the world - for thousands of companies simultaneously. And we're really good at it - here's a little about us.

Our Tech Stack:

Our core backend is written in PHP, and we build our code on top of Symfony 5 and Doctrine ORM. This part is complemented by Python components covering workload control and decision logic for several warehouse processes, with plans to extend even further. In addition, Python completely controls our warehouse automatic conveyor! We store our data in MySQL (AWS Aurora with MySQL compatibility) and use RESTful APIs to communicate with the client-side. We run the entire system in Kubernetes in the AWS cloud, where we run hundreds of Docker containers. Finally, Datadog handles monitoring and centralized logging. Besides the fast development cycle and frequent production deployments, we also care about the quality and performance of our code; we do two-round code reviews and support" the solutions. This all helps us to write better solutions and understand our customers better.

What should you know/have?

  • Excellent knowledge of Python, its structures, and Python-based frameworks
  • Advanced knowledge of relational databases
  • Advanced knowledge of Python testing (PyTest)
  • Design of a robust real-time systems
  • Experience with APIs and messaging systems (FastAPI, RabbitMQ)
  • Skilled with CI/CD and knowledge of Docker
  • Writing of efficient and well-structured code

What will you be doing with us?

  • You will help us to push Python Engineering standards to the next level
  • You will establish Python as one of the ShipMonk's core technologies
  • You will cooperate on a complex warehouse optimization platform that tens of warehouses can rely on in real-time
  • Together we make it robust, extensible, efficient, and testable
  • You will deliver a significant help to our end users and reduce operational costs
  • You will not just code but participate in a logistic solution that makes sense end to end
  • And together, we will build an architecture making everything above possible

If you like our story, we look forward to your CV, profile, or whatever. There are no limits to creativity. Our Recruiter, Veronika, will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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