Open position at PostSharp

Senior .NET Software Engineer - Web Cloud

Work schedule
Dělnická 213/12, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice,

We are preparing a new product that will include a cloud service with a web interface and a web API. We expect this product to be a real game changer for .NET developers. It will be partially open source. We currently have a prototype that runs locally, and need help for the cloud-related stuff.


What will you work on with us?

  • You will create several cloud services using ASP.NET Core and will implement the client-side libraries.
  • You will participate in the architecture design, including database and cloud deployment.
  • You will write code, unit tests and performance tests.
  • You will likely do non-web development too. If you want to only stick to web development, this might not be the right role for you.
  • You will provide support in writing to customers and community users (10-15% of your time). You will be paid to get StackOverflow points.
  • You will work with C#, TeamCity, Git, Azure, TargetProcess
  • As in any small company, your role is much broader and flexible than the job description says. You will contribute to the team according to your skills and interests.

What will you get?

  • A highly visible project. You will participate in a open-source project for .NET developers and we expect a lot of buzz. We will speak about it at international conferences and will try to hook into the Microsoft marketing machine.
  • A v1.0 project. It's green field development, not maintenance.
  • An end-to-end understanding of the software tools industry from behing the curtain, from product positioning and messaging to development to release to support.
  • A stable employer. We're small and agile but we've been consistently profitable since 2010. Our financial stability will not depend on the success of this project.
  • A healthy, genuine company culture. No politics. No manager. No deadline. No overtime. No Silicon Valley unicorns. Failures are opportunities to grow.
  • Amazingly qualified colleagues, most of them coding since their early teens.
  • Time for you. 25 days of paid vacation per year and 5 no-question-asked sick days per year. Flexible hours. Home office.
  • Time to learn. 10% time back for learning, research, or side projects. No approval needed
  • International recognition in the .NET community. PostSharp is the #1 highest-rated extension to Visual Studio and is used by over 50,000 developers worldwide and in over 10% Fortune 500 companies.
  • High-end salaries with highly flexible, no-nonsense benefits, but we don't want you to apply just because of this.


What do we expect?

  • A bachelor degree in software engineering or computer science, or equivalent through additional experience.
  • A genuine interest in software development tools and frameworks.
  • At least 3 years of experience in ASP.NET.
  • A good knowledge of client-side web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, ...).
  • Experience with clouds such as Azure or AWS.
  • A good command of technical English, spoken and written. Czech is welcome but not necessary.
  • A history of job stability and the vision of staying more than 3 years with us.
  • A work permit and a permanent residence in the Prague region for the last 12 months at least.

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