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Senior QA Engineer for Blockchain Platform

Work schedule
Full-time (Remote job)

At Tatum, we are building a platform for developers to build blockchain applications in no time. We work with banks, fintech, logistics, and others on revolutionary applications built on our platform.

If quality assurance means more for you than just having a code covered by unit tests or manually clicking on a couple of buttons, and you feel a passion for doing things right, you may be in the right place. Our product is mainly about providing API to our backend business logic, API-driven development and open API tools are things we work with.

We at Tatum understand that quality assurance is extremely wide topics, which starts on Tickets refinement where you as a QA should influence acceptance criteria and form NFRs, and ends with observing application telemetry, runtime logs, and healthy of the app in production. And everything in between relating to the entire development lifecycle is all about quality and sustainability.

What a ride. Ready to jump in? 

I can be in Tatum for another 20 years because things are already being done here that will be really big one day.

Samuel Yamout, Account Executive

What will you do:

  • Participate in all aspects of Quality assurance
  • Participate in Ticket refinement, write test cases, influence acceptance criteria and non-functional requirements
  • Work with test case management system to identify test sets to cover new features as part of the development process
  • Observe the quality of our external and internal documentation
  • Automate stages in the pipeline to increase automation, from test execution to security scanning or static code analysis
  • Observe the status and health of services in production
  • Work with app telemetry, log messages and errors to replicate issues found on production
  • Help our customers (who are developers as well) to understand how to tackle with their challenges with Tatum by having regular support shifts

We are looking for someone who:

  • Have at least 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance
  • Proven skills and ability to explain about how QA affects Acceptance criteria and NFRs
  • Proven skills and ability to explain how QA by writing test case scenarios can help the team to understand the requirements
  • Proven skills with production issues resolution, ability to read log messages, and work with Elastic search
  • Ability to automate stages in GitLab CI
  • Experience with any test case management system
  • Understanding of blockchain problem domain
  • Like to think about work deeply, look for context, and has critical thinking
  • Not afraid to come up with your own ideas
  • Desire to learn and move on

          Přemysl Trojan


Přemysl Trojan


  • Work from anywhere - Most of our team works remotely. Nevertheless, you are also always welcome in our office in Brno or London
  • Flexible hours - Work whenever it suits your personal schedule. For most positions, we don't have any fixed hours
  • 25 days off

Whenever you need anything, it's no problem to talk to anyone. It's not like you have to schedule meetings a week in advance to meet. It's the other way around. When you've got a problem, you've got 5 people extending their helping hand to you.

Daniel Sentivany, Head of Infrastructure

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