People Partner 


In the begining of this year we became a part of Saltpay Family. And now we have a big challange in front of us. Your main mission will be to develop company culture, maintain team values and, with the right hiring, talent management, and well-established processes, contribute to the stable and smooth growth of Storyous and Saltpay. You will be in charge of all this from our office in Bratislava. We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic HR generalist who can support a rapidly growing team across the Saltpay both operationally and strategically.

What is your mission?

  • Your goal is as simple, as complex: to take care of our people, our most important asset. You will be the local contact point in our global operation for all matters people: from attracting talent to coordinate performance reviews.
  • Recruiting will be an essential part of your agenda - you are going to work closely with local and global leaders in order to help them to bring the best and right people to join us on our journey. For that, Moreover, you’ll drive various offline events (conferences, seminars) as well as run online campaigns.
  • As People Partner, your mission is to help us develop and help our people to achieve their full potential. This process starts as soon as they join the company, so you will be responsible for the proper onboarding of the newly recruited colleague into the company, showing them our culture and presenting how we work and the expected role of each. We place great emphasis on the onboarding process and this will be entirely your responsibility.
  • In cooperation with team leaders of each department, you will continuously work on the development of the human capital of the whole team and work towards building the best team in Slovakia, with frameworks like feedbacks, OKRs and learning-course. This will be done with the help and coordination from the Global Team.
  • As part of our daily operations, you are comfortable with any administrative requirements you might have to manage.

What is your story?

  • In your professional journey you have worked in a people related function in a company. You spend some time in recruitment and constantly looks to improve and use different and innovative methods.
  • Therefore, you are hungry for knowledge and always read about the industry’s innovative practices.
  • You consider yourself to be a people-oriented person and truly understands the value and importance of having a People-dedicated team and are comfortable taking the ownership of it. You believe and understand in teamwork, the importance of having a strong and diverse culture.
  • Even if you don’t have much experience, you have a great willingness to learn and improve every single day to be the best version of yourself. You are passionate , energetic, enthusiastic , and have a restless desire to improve things and question the status-quo
  • You act as an owner in everything you make. You are comfortable with autonomy and always act with- diligence, responsibility, and sincerity using your strengths in the best possible way. Last but not least, you do speak english and slovak fluently.

Your team 

A strong and talented people team that empowers our teams to always be ready to take on new challenges and be the best version of themselves. Every. Day. They have the role to attract potential Salters after carefully mapping the job market and the best channels. You'll help this team thrive and to make that happen in Slovakia!