Salted CX

Salted CX

Salted CX aims to create a platform that enables contact centers to thoroughly analyze customer interactions and automate subsequent processes. What sets Salted CX apart is that, despite being a startup in the early stage, the founders, the couple Květa and Šimon, have a solid foundation due to their previous successes, allowing them to fully focus on product development. Their key advantage lies in experience, with the entire team already being highly senior. In addition, their impressive drive, strong and unique team spirit, combined with a customer-focused approach and understanding of their needs, contribute to their growth. At Salted CX, you'll find an environment built on mutual respect, openness, and teamwork. They are not lacking in motivation and the desire to succeed once again, to create a product that is exceptional and useful. Currently, the Salted CX team, based in Prague's Karlín district, consists of just under two dozen top-notch developers and machine learning specialists.

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Empowering the Revolution

Our industry is on the brink of a major transformation, and thanks to new technologies, we're creating a platform that years ago might have seemed only like a distant possibility to us.

Your Gateway to Significance

For over two decades, we have been successfully operating in the field of contact centers. We've witnessed their transition from traditional call centers to their present form, seamlessly connecting customer communication across all channels. We see where the entire industry is heading and how it can transform with the advent of artificial intelligence and other technologies. Opportunities are opening up for us in the realm of autonomous automation of contact centers, a completely new category of products that has yet to be defined. We all see tremendous potential in it and are ready to face the challenges of the market. It's a chance for us to be part of something big, whether for the first time or repeatedly. It's an opportunity to create a globally respected product with the ambition that people beyond the contact center industry will know about it.

          Květa Vostrá


Květa Vostrá

          Šimon Vostrý


          Co-founder & CEO
Šimon Vostrý
Co-founder & CEO

From Fiction to Reality

We recognize that contact centers have extensive customer conversation data, but little insight into what truly unfolds, such as agents' toughest questions or the accuracy of their responses.

Our vision is an application that not only uncovers the essence of customer conversations but also streamlines the work for agents and managers. It guides them or autonomously handles tasks, alerting only when necessary.

A few years ago, this seemed unattainable fiction. Today, fueled by AI, we believe it's achievable, energizing our entire team.

The continuous advancements in AI are bringing the most exciting opportunities to all of us at Salted CX in our careers.

Bridging the World of Early-Stage Startups with Experience

Thanks to Ytica, a company we built from scratch and successfully exited in 2018 to a large American firm where we worked for several years, we gained immense experience. We acquired insights into what needs to be done seriously and correctly from day one, which is invaluable. We also realized that a small team of people joining forces and focusing on a common goal can achieve results that are nearly unattainable for a large company.

Unlike large corporations, we are not bound by processes. We have the drive of a startup, extensive technological expertise, a deep domain understanding, and a keen sense of direction. The right direction. We enjoy working efficiently, swiftly, making informed decisions, and always prioritizing the customer.

I experienced Ytica with others, where I understood why startups emerge that large companies can't defend against. A small, cohesive team can build something innovative, and customers need it faster than a big company can realize. Today, we are building something similar, and the technologies have advanced significantly. That gives us a boost.

Václav Slováček, Head of Product

"We play the long game in everything. We're not sprinting but running a marathon. Our goal at Salted CX is to achieve fulfillment and build a global product that will be recognized beyond the contact center industry."

Květa Vostrá, Co-founder

Top-notch Team without Compromises

Team Playing for Collective Wins

Having the opportunity to truly develop and shape something with one's own skills is incredibly fulfilling. But even more fulfilling is having the chance to develop it together with a team of individuals who share the same passion. They're not playing for themselves but are driven by a shared outcome. We are the ideal group for team players—individuals with deep expertise who understand what they do exceptionally well and enjoy creating collaboratively with colleagues. Most of us have previously worked together at Eleveo, Ytica, or Twillio. We know each other, are in sync, and know what to expect from one another. Our work style could be described as individually collaborative because we often seek solutions together, and then it's up to each of us to see our part through to completion. At Salted CX, we share a belief in our mission and join forces to fulfill that mission.

Mutual Trust and Great Relationships Fuel our Effortless Workflow!

Carefully Choosing Who Comes Aboard

We need to be able to rely on each other, trust one another, and understand what each of us brings to the table because we believe that now is the moment when we're building the foundations of our future company culture.

So, when you decide to join us, get ready for a series of conversations with everyone you'll be working with. Each conversation will be independent. One time, we'll delve into your technical background, another time into our vision. Then, we'll discuss how you see the world, what inspires you, what you enjoy, and what you'd like to know about us. In the end, everyone who spoke with you will gather to decide if they want you as a teammate. They'll then explain why and discuss their reasons. The result is our offer or fair feedback on why we think we might not be the best match. This process has proven effective in our previous companies as it eliminates biases and allows individuals to make independent decisions. Plus, it's transparent and fair for both you and us.

          Martin Váňa


          Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Martin Váňa
Staff Machine Learning Engineer

Pushing the Boundaries of Today's Technologies and Science

Thanks to new generations of technology, our development goes beyond just coding and programming. It's characterized more by research, exploration, tackling non-trivial questions, and continual learning. Having the opportunity to alternate between development and scientific work, nurturing both these worlds within ourselves, is priceless.

This dynamic not only fuels our energy but also keeps us at the forefront of the technological world. We often operate at the edge of our known capabilities, and the greatest joy comes when we can collectively push that boundary further.

Do you fit?

You should enjoy thinking out of the box. Don't just stick to established processes; have a desire to improvise and try when something doesn't work. Think beyond conventions because we don't have manuals on how to handle unknown situations. We need to figure things out for ourselves.

Miro Botur, Technical Solution Engineer

For me, it's crucial that a person is passionate about what they do. You don't have to know exactly what you want to do, but it should bring you joy. You should be honest and not hesitate to speak up when you disagree with something.

Martin Váňa, Staff Machine Learning Engineer

You need to have a passion for data and solving complex issues. You should be genuinely interested in the things you're working on and be able to inspire your colleagues around you.

Jaroslav Ramba, Staff Software Engineer

We all need to be team players. If someone joined us and sat in the corner without saying anything, they wouldn't help us. We are all active, proactive, and don't wait for someone to assign us tasks. We propose solutions to each other continuously.

Radek Menšík, Staff Software Engineer

The most important thing is the ability to get along with people. Technical skills can be learned quickly if you're willing. Everyone here is senior, so you'll have plenty of mentors. What matters more is the mindset and the willingness to solve problems. If you don't agree with someone, it's not a problem; you can always meet and discuss it.

Adam Zika, Machine Learning Engineer

You need to have drive, be resilient, and encompass all those aspects of a builder.

Tomáš Gajdoš, Staff Software Engineer

Demo Driven Product Development

The fact that all development takes place from the beginning on real data from potential customers and based on their feedback accelerates us a lot. We don't show them wireframes or fancy presentations; instead, we immediately present a demo of the actual product. They later gain access to it and can test it. This allows us to be efficient and focus on what truly adds value for customers and propels us toward our goal.

It's typical for us that everyone wants to deliver quickly, create, and see results. Pushing features into production that meet the needs of our customers is our priority. We don't mind occasionally hitting a dead end or discarding a piece of code we experimented with. It's a natural part of creating and exploring.

We're all focused on what the customer needs. When we have a meeting and start drifting off-topic, the guys will say, 'This doesn't add value to the customer.' Everyone wants to contribute something that adds value for the customer.

Šimon Vostrý, Co-founder & CEO

For me, Salted is the first company that takes R&D really seriously. Most companies only focus on development, but here we genuinely engage in research as well.

Martin Váňa, Staff Machine Learning Engineer

Positive Mindset

We love to laugh, and it's crucial for us to work in an environment that we look forward to every day, surrounded by people we get along with.

Ready for a Challenge? Scissors or Clippers?

This is how most of our competitions kick off. Out of nowhere, someone in the office asks, and suddenly everyone is in. Since time immemorial, we've enjoyed teasing and spurring each other on. We bet on who will win or lose. Whether it's rock-paper-scissors, ping-pong, or who can hold a plank longer, it doesn't matter. The loser has to tackle an unpleasant task, like eating a gross candy or going to lunch with a chicken hat on their head. Of course, it's all in good fun and to strengthen our relationships, but in reality, everyone wants to win because we can't deny our competitive spirit.

          Jaroslav Ramba


          Staff Software Engineer
Jaroslav Ramba
Staff Software Engineer

Vibrant Lifestyle

We are easygoing individuals with open minds who don't fit the definition of introverted techies. At our core, we're cheerful, sociable, and enjoy meeting people. We have a variety of hobbies, love to travel, learn new languages, and stay active. We know how to blend our work with family and personal development.

We get along great with people who have children and families. We understand that they need to be together, sometimes go on vacation, or simply take their kids on a trip. We offer 6 weeks of vacation and actively encourage people to take them. We want our people to be happy not only in their professional lives but also in their personal lives.

Květa Vostrá, Co-Founder

"I've always wanted to work in an early-stage startup, but with competent people. Here, I've found that opportunity."

Jakub Denk, Staff Software Engineer

Karlín Hub

We are fully focused on product development and currently, we don't want to invest energy in building fancy offices. That will come later. Our base is currently located at Forum Karlín in Pernerova Street, where we have access to an office, meeting room, and spacious lounge.

The Power of Collaborative Interaction

We gather every Tuesday and Thursday to stay close and create together around one table. Even though most of us work from home on other days (some more, some less), we're not fans of remote work exclusively. Remote access helps us work as needed or facilitates the balance between family and work life. However, we are convinced that true synergy arises from on-site collaborative interaction and mutual discussion. We also believe in the strength of informal interactions that foster relationships and strengthen trust as well as team dynamics.

Listen to the conversation with co-founders Květa and Šimon about why they founded Salted CX and where they are heading.