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Junior/Medior DevOps Engineer Azure

Work schedule
U Nikolajky 3, Prague

Are you a fresh graduate or student of Technical University in your last semestr?  Is DevOps Engineering an area you are highly interested in and wish to extend your knowlege and become an expert in this area? We are seeking a talented and motivated individual to join our growing team as a Junior DevOps Engineer.

We are looking for a junior/medior DevOps engineer to maintain and futher develop the software deployment into cloud infrastructure. In this role, your duties will include designing, deploying and maintaining cloud infrastructure (mainly Azure), maintaining documentation, communicating with several developer teams, while being mentored and supervised by senior DevOps engineer 


  • Maintain and develop GitLab CI/CD pipelines
  • Maintain and develop Kubernetes (Azure-based) and Docker clusters
  • Maintain and develop deployment scripts for applications
  • Help to create infrastructure architecture for our clients
  • Support developer teams (manage dev/test environments)
  • Maintain non-cloud servers (Self-hosted or on-prem K8s cluster or Docker server for example)

Qualifications / Skills


  • Docker
  • K8s, K3s
  • MS Azure, Google Cloud
  • Linux (Slackware, Debian)
  • GitLab

          Jakub Hollas


          Senior IT Architect
Jakub Hollas
Senior IT Architect

Qualifications / Skills


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Software engineering or similar, eventualy being a student of last semestr at Tech.University

  • Good knowledge of Linux-based systems

  • Good knowledge of Kubernetes (MUST know how to install and maintain running cluster)

  • Good knowledge of CI/CD on GitLab

  • Good knowledge of virtualization, containerization and computer networks

  • High interest in getting deep experience in SaaS solution deployment and support

  • Awarness and knowlege MS Azure

  • Ready to work in team

  • Good level of communicaiton in Czech language

We offer a competitive salary, flexible work schedule, and a supportive work environment where you can learn and grow as a DevOps Engineer. If you're passionate about building reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure and want to be part of a dynamic team, apply now and let's build something great together!

If you'd like to discuss this or another job opportunity do not hesitate to share your CV with us! We will contact you for a short interview as soon as possible.

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