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QA Engineer

Work schedule
Rohanské nábř. 29, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Česko

Hello, we are ShipMonk and we provide logistics services in the area of order fulfillment. We are operating our main business in the USA, but Prague is the center of the development of our modern platform. On our RnD blog , we share technical articles and you can find out more about RnD here.

We are looking for a senior manual tester in our 4-member QA team, who enjoys breaking aplications and also improving them. If you got annoyed by the word “applications”, you are the right one for us.

About us:

  • We have more than 1,000 clients, who are small - medium-sized e-shops mostly but not exclusively from the USA.
  • In Prague, we develop WMS for warehouses in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Mexico, New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Kentucky, Canada, and the United Kingdom and more are coming soon.
  • Our platform is a solution for the entire process - from storing goods in one (or more)of our warehouses to shipping ready-made packages to all corners of the globe.

What does a QA engineer test in ShipMonk?

  • Web application for colleagues in the warehouse and for customers.
  • iOS application - iPad, iPhone, iPod + webview.
  • Linux application - so-called Packing Station app + webview.
  • Controllers - Pick to Light, Locus, conveyor.
  • Hardware - Dymo and Zebra printers, barcode scanners, tablets, cameras, Linux mini-PCs…

It will be a super fit if you have / know…

  • Work with database - MySQL - Adminer.
  • Advanced knowledge of working with Chrome DevTools (Inspect Elements and Network Activity).
  • Experience with REST API testing - Postman / Insomnia.
  • Read the code.
  • A sense for detail.
  • Manage documentation.
  • English. We use it on a daily basis - mostly in written form..

What kind of Tech Stack do we have?

  • PHP 8.2, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, MySQL (AWS Aurora), GraphQL, Python, Cypress, Typescript, React, Datadog, Sentry, Papertrail, Elasticsearch…

What does it look like here and what are we proud of?

  • We meet a variety of hardware directly from the warehouse - scanners, printers, flashing buttons (Pick to Light), cameras, monitors, iOS devices, and much more.
  • We write our own test cases tailored-made for each of the features.
  • We automate test scenarios for the web / mobile application (iOS) and software for the Packing Station in Cypress.
  • We get up when America is still asleep and we fix stuff ASAP — possibly even before the problem appears in production. Wondering how? Danča, Týnka and Kuba wrote an article about it.
  • We work intensively with developers, data science, project managers, and our colleagues overseas. QA’s team work is not finished as long as we have any strength left. Ideally we bring a solution on a silver platter to developers. And vice versa. When we can't tackle our backlog fast enough, developers help with testing.

If you like what we do and you are interested in our "story", we look forward to your resume, profile, story, whatever. There are no limits to creativity. Our Recruiter Dominika will contact you as soon as possible. We hope to be hearing from you soon.

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